We only dated for 4 months before we got married. Since we both suffered personal tragedies that year and followed different religions, we decided on a quiet Reno wedding followed by a reception a month later. Chris called my family in Pakistan to ask their permission to marry me and he spoke to his close family about us as well. Once we had everyone’s blessings, things moved pretty fast. He asked me to buy a white dress to wear and to book a chapel in Reno . We have a house in Lake Tahoe which is about half an hour drive from Reno so we decided to go there two days before the wedding . He turned out to be more traditional than me. A day before the wedding, he refused to look at my face because its bad luck to see your bride before the ceremony. We chatted over text messages ! The ceremony at Arch of Reno was beautiful and serene. A complimentary limo service was provided to take us to get our marriage licence. Chris’s stepson, Peter gave me away .


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We later went to Nu Yalk Pizza ( the best pizza ever !) for lunch and Lone Eagle Grill for a formal dinner. We kept the whole thing simple and enjoyed every moment of it.

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The reception for our family and friends was held at our home in Long Beach. It was a small but fun fusion event. I wore a Saree ( a traditional Indian attire) and Chris was in his smart causal western wear. We also invited Indian Bollywood dancers to entertain the guests, which was a unique experience for some of our neighbors. One of my friends’ took the duty of applying henna on the palms of young and old women. We initiated the event with a short speech by both of us in which we explained how we met and what attracted us to each other and we ended the event with people dancing on Bollywood songs 🙂  It was a memorable event .