Hello Hello Hello! Hi fellas !

As I have already introduced you all to the very useful Carom Seeds ( Ajwain), today I want to tell you about how can we use Carom Seeds with a pinch of table salt for stomach ache, gas and acidity.

Eating in haste, swallowing very fast and long meal intervals causes stomach gas as well as stomach ache and this stressful eating usually results in acidity. If you are suffering from any of the above then use this remedy. It will cure your stomach pain within half an hour.

Take a teaspoon full of Carom Seeds and less than a quarter of a teaspoon or just a pinch of table salt and swallow it with a glass of room temperature water. After some time you will be up and running , all refreshed and feeling good again … 🙂

Same could be used for kids with a lesser quantity of the Carom Seeds  for e.g. half a teaspoon of Carom Seeds and a very tiny pinch of salt.

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