• Prep time

    5 minutes
  • Cook time

    45 minutes
  • Total time

    50 minutes
  • Serve


This delicious Lamb Chops recipe is an easy and tasty dish to prepare if you are short on time and ingredients. You can garnish the dish with some coriander, Chris doesn’t like it so you wont find it any of my dishes 🙂


12 Lamb Chops
1/2 Packet ready made Qorma Masala ( I used National brand and is available at any Pakistani or Indian store)
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 1/2 tbsp fresh ginger & garlic paste
3 tbsp yogurt
1 cup water
1 onion chopped

Directions :

1. Add ginger & garlic paste, yogurt and qorma masala to the chops, mix and let it marinate for half an hour (if you have time) otherwise 5 minutes is good too.
2. In a pan, fry chopped onions until golden brown on medium heat.
3. Add the marinated chops and cook in its own juices till the oil rises.
4. Add water and cover and cook for another ten minutes. Once the oil rises again and you have little gravy, turn off the flame.
5. Garnish with green chilies.

Serve with nan or plain white rice and salad.