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Hi guys ! I'm Abida aka Abbey :-) I have known Sumera for about 17 years; give or take , who used to cook for us (friends) but now she cooks for Chris , Chris is one of the best things ever happened to her I believe ! and so is the case with Mr. Wacker too , I'm sure. I am very happy for her, May God bless the couple. Well okay back to my introduction, I am from Pakistan, SCMP (supply chain management professional) by profession and a mother of one 7-1/2 year old (a very smart, naughty & adorable ) boy "Haider aka Haidy" :-) I have traveled a few countries so far in Asia , Europe and Middle East and also had a chance to spend one year and a half in the USA in recent past and loved it the most, which obviously makes me feel close and affectionate about you fellas out there. Oh yeah ! And I guess for this very same reason Sumera wants me to be a part of this blog :-) or maybe witnessing the effectiveness of my home remedies made her do this , well let's ask her about this , we will get to know . A little bit more about my back ground and rationale for using home remedies is that until high school I lived in a small town/village which is an hours' drive from Islamabad the capital of my country where I am currently residing. I am the youngest among my siblings with a substantial age difference of about 16-17 years between me and my elder sisters :-) While I was a kid my older sisters were married and raising their kids too. So I had been watching them using home remedies for their children and for themselves. My mom who I love the most and live by her words used the home remedies for me too. I guess this is the influence made me inclined towards home remedies instead of going for medicines at the first place to treat small little illnesses or to be used for prevention for the same. One of the strongest traits of my personality is that I care; I care about people , close or not , known for ages or for less than a moment ; I would love to share my advantageous experiences to be used as prevention or remedies in daily routine. So, here I am going to share my very own tested and proven worthy home remedies with you all. I hope you will try them too and will take time to give us the feed back. I pay my vivacious gratitude to Mrs. Wacker for inviting me to be a part of this blog , I hope this is going to be an exciting and infinite expedition with you guys. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank You :-)
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