I am a Pakistani woman married to an American. I met my husband in 2015 via online dating when I moved to the sunny state of California in 2014. You can call it love at first sight, as we only dated for 4 months and ended up getting married .

Intercultural marriages are not very common in Pakistan. Growing up, I never thought I would end up marrying a Caucasian. My parents, however, disagreed. According to them they always knew that I couldn’t marry a Pakistani – apparently I was always too “Modern”. Let’s just say, I’m a conservative woman in America and a modern woman in Pakistan 🙂

Chris and I come from totally different worlds but when we are together it doesn’t matter much. I am a Pakistani born and brought up in Karachi and he is a born and bred blue eyed Caucasian American. He is a Christian and I am a Muslim. All these things represents a lot of differences however they have all come together to create a really great and compatible Us.

Chris really values my language, culture and especially my Pakistani cuisine and that helps make us more compatible. It’s amusing to hear him request me to make tomato chutney or khatti daal (lentils) and watch him eat it with a gusto.

As Chris and I adjusted to married life together, my mom kept reminding me

“the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”



Chris is a real foodie and is open to experimenting with different cuisines. So as any newlywed bride would do, I tried cooking him a new dish 5 days a week in the hopes of impressing him, 2 days Indian food and 3 days western cooking. I was always very good with Hyderabadi food but western cooking was a challenge. With lots of trial and errors and little help from Chris, I learnt the stir fry or how to check if steak or fish is done.

“Wow Chris is so lucky” a comment uttered by most of my American friends when they find out that I cook Indian food for Chris every other day….. Americans love curry ! But their version of curry is totally different from our Pakistani version. There is no chicken tikka masala …. There is only chicken tikka .

My parents migrated from Hyderabad India as kids and settled in Karachi Pakistan. This has influenced my cooking to a lot of extent, at home I was only eating Hyderabadi food and when I moved out I was eating with friends who were from different regions of Pakistan with different cuisines . And so when I taught myself to cook with some help from my mom, I was cooking a storm with IndoPak food.

Once i moved to California, I found out that my uncle had a recipe book which was handed over to my grand mother from her parents. This was the recipe book that was published in 1800s. This has authentic Hyderabadi recipes that were served by the kitchen staff to Nizam and his family. In the days to come, I am going to try one recipe from that book and post it here with comments from Chris.

My blog is about many such tested tried recipes for Indopak food and western food, about our inter racial marriage and how we deal with the cultural and religious differences and about our travel through out the world.

This is an ongoing story of my adventures of learning about a whole new culture and way of life.

Thank you for visiting my site and enjoying the stories, recipes and pictures.

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